poverty convention 020

The All in One project was the East Midlands’ contribution to “2010, the European Year Against Poverty”. The project was set up by CEFET, One East Midlands and European Anti Poverty Network England, steered by the East Midlands Social Inclusion Policy Forum, and involved many partners from across the region. Key activities were organised by CEFET.

The purpose of the All in One project was to “shine a light” on the experience of poverty in the East Midlands, and on imaginative, effective community -led responses to problems stemming from poverty.

This is the Final Report of the All in One Project , “EY2010 East Midlands Voices on Poverty”

This flyer is one used to promote involvement of individuals and groups from some of the poorest communities in the region in the  AllinOneproject.  CEFET facilitated local meetings where people discussed issues of poverty, their own experiences of poverty, and the vital work of community groups in their area. Developing from these discussions, they prepared their contributions to the first East Midlands Poverty Conference held at Southwell Workhouse.

Photo above is of members of the organisation Inspire on stage at the Poverty Conference giving a powerful and heartfelt performance that explained the experience of exclusion, poverty, and lack of opportunities for people with a learning disability.