CEFET worked with the Nottinghamshire Learning and Skills Council to run a small-grants programme of community driven capacity building projects under the name – the Tiger Programme.

One of the conclusions of the external evaluators of the Catalyst small-grants programme was that there was too big a gap in provision between community led Catalyst social capital building projects and employment projects. This situation was to worsen with co-financing and CEFET lobbied at the outset for provision to be funded that would “bridge that gap” – essential work in excluded communities.

The Tiger programme emerged from this. It enabled small groups and excluded people in the most disadvantaged wards across the East Midlands to run activities, that they themselves designed and ran, that developed local social capital and provided opportunities for learning. CEFET was the intermediary body managing Tiger, which was funded by ESF and the Learning and Skills Council.

Information on some of the projects is here  TIGER2PROJECTS